Voice Inflection

Published: 22nd August 2007
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Have you ever heard the saying, "It's not what you say, it's how you say it"? There's a huge benefit for you if you can understand how true this is. With voice inflection you can get your point across. When you drop the volume of your voice it will get people to listen close to what you have to say. It makes what your saying sound secretive and very important. When you are loud it lets them know you're excited. When you pause in the right situation it gives them time to think and lets them know you're confident. How you say the words you speak is why you sell. What you have to figure out is how to say what you're saying more effectively.

A great way to find out is by testing it. If I say it this way, what happens? What I do is I ask my clients: "When I say it like that how does it make you feel?" This way I can figure out what I have to change. Where do I pick up the pace? When I start to talk a little bit faster what does that say to my client? Does it express my intensity to them? What if I really slow things down? Does that tell them this is something they should ponder? How does it make my clients feel?

Listen to what other great salespeople do with their voice. How they do it and when they do it. What words are they accentuating and why? Implement those strategies in your presentations. Ask your client, "How do you feel when I say it like this? What do you feel when I say it like that?" They will enjoy being apart of what you are doing. Contrary to belief, your clients love to help you, that is why they buy from you, they like you. Help them assist you into becoming the most powerful salesperson you can possibly be. They will see you are going the extra mile to be better for them.

Go Get 'Em!

Richard Cannon, The TeleSales Recruiter started selling candy in school when he was 8 years old. He's been selling ever since. In his 30's he was looking for a sales job he could do from home that was in line with his purpose. He looked and looked and couldn't find the right one. He swore some day he would make it easier for people to find great sales jobs they can do from home. He built a crew of work from home people, but couldn't help everyone because they were not all passionate about what he was selling. So now, he assist's salespeople in figuring out what their purpose is. Then he finds them an opportunity that is in line with that purpose. Now they make more money selling something they love. For more information, visit Cannon's site at http://www.telesalesrecruiter.com

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